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Alexis - Achilleas Tsiantis


Initiator - Founder - Strategy Executive

Born in London, United Kingdom.

Holds an MSc in Tourism Management and worked as Director of the Cyclades Chamber in Hermoupolis - Syros Island, (01/2004-02/2018) and Secretary-General of Syros - Hermoupolis Municipality (03/2018-09/2019).

He was Project Leader of all the major Cyclades Chamber's projects funded by the EU and participated in several projects of the Municipality of Syros - Hermoupolis, always dedicated in the effort for quality, differentiation, and development of the Cyclades Islands.

In his voluntary work, he was Member of the Board of Directors (April 2009 - November 2013), President of the Board of Directors (November 2013 - May 2014), and currently Advisor to the Board of Directors of the Association for the Psychosocial Health of Children and Adolescents (A.P.H.C.A.), a scientific non-profit organization, which was founded in 1991, and has developed a wide range of activities concerning the mental health of children and adolescents.

His involvement with the initiative is linked with the genesis of the idea when together with Paolo Colombo they envisioned  the creation of The Cyclades Drawing Center, devoting their efforts in saving & restoring the Negroponte Mansion.

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