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Prof. Constantine Spyrakos


Technical Consultant

Dr. Constantine Spyrakos is a Professor at the School of Civil Engineering - National Technical University of Athens, Greece (NTUA), Director of the Laboratory for Earthquake Engineering, (LEE), and the head of the team that will design the necessary studies for the restoration of the Negroponte Mansion.

He was a member of the National Technical University of Athens interdisciplinary team that carried out the project of the rehabilitation of the Holy Aedicule, the stone-clad masonry structure that houses the Holy Tomb of Christ, located within the Church of the Resurrection, constructed in Jerusalem in AD 326 during the era of the Roman emperor Constantine the Great.

The rehabilitation works were completed by March 2017, within the limited period of one year using materials with enhanced properties and applying innovative techniques.

He was also Technical Consultant in the project of the Louvre-Abu Dhabi Museum and participated in a number of important works internationally.

 His areas of expertise are:

  • Analysis and design of structures subjected to seismic loads

  • Evaluation of the behavior of existing structures with analytical and experimental methods

  • Strengthening and repair of modern and historic structures and monuments

  • Seismic soil-structure interaction

  • Seismic risk analysis

Professor Spyrakos either as a designer or a consultant has participated in numerous studies and major civil engineering projects in USA, Europe, and Asia involving static and seismic related problems, retrofit and repairs of reinforced concrete, masonry, and steel structures and has also worked as Technical Consultant-Evaluator in the European Union and USA, as well as public and private organizations.


His in-depth knowledge and international experience, ensure that with the completion of the studies, and the works that will follow, the restoration and rescue of this unique building will have been achieved.

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