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Vision & Mission Statement

Our vision is to create a unique destination dedicated to the viewing of exceptional art while simultaneously providing a novel platform for dialogue on art and culture.


The restoration of the Negroponte Mansion to house the Center will have the dual purpose of salvaging and paying tribute to an exceptional historic example of urban residential architecture while making it available to the local and visiting community for the first time.


The Cyclades Drawing Center will be the home of a permanent exhibition of works by established contemporary both Greek and foreign artists, with a view to constantly enriching and growing the collection.

It will be both an exhibiting and a collecting institution. It will explore a vast array of mediums, including drawing, watercolor, collage, and other related practices connected to visual art and the support of the paper.

The Cyclades Drawing Center proposes to present exhibitions that are historical and contemporary, focusing on Greek artists and on artists that have a deep relation with Greece, whether of residence or cultural affinity. The CDC will collect works of these artists, building a collection that reflects the history and achievements of this discipline in the cultural fabric of Greece.

It will provide a number of services to the community, including lectures, internships, workshops, and classes, as well as hands-on experience to students from the Department of Product and System Design Engineering of the University of the Aegean and a wide range of Academic Institutions from Greece and abroad. 

It will be the only not for profit entity solely devoted to the practice of drawing in Greece, providing a resource to study works on paper, their history, and methodology. The Cyclades Drawing Center aims to become a core attraction for the region, a space of discourse between artists, cultural entrepreneurs, and the general public but also an incubator for new creation.

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