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Panagiotis Theodorakis

Founder - Photographer

Panagiotis Theodorakis was born in Athens, raised up in Syros island, and studied abroad for several years. His first degree, in 2000, was BA (Hons) Business Studies at the University of Glamorgan in the UK. His second degree was in Marketing Management at the University of Utrecht in the Netherlands. In 2002, he got an MA in Marketing with E-commerce at Portsmouth University.


​In 2004, he worked for IBM in the International Help Desk based in Manchester UK. He then moved back to Greece in 2005 and joined the Cyclades Chamber of Commerce in Syros island. The organization’s vast growth and expansion gave him the opportunity to travel all around the 24 islands of Cyclades and have a deep and holistic understanding of the Chamber’s members - 19.500 businesses located in Cyclades. Being able to adopt and run successful the given tasks at different positions of each department, soon he became one of the main executives. He has a key role of responsibility to maintain the content and upgrade the services offered to each member or traveler of Cyclades through the portal Since 2010 is the Head of the Department of New Technologies, Education and Training with many accomplishments and synergies with educational institutes and Universities.


He is one of the founding members of the non-profit association “Routes in Marpissa”, a three-day, experiential, cultural festival, which is organized every August in Paros island, since 2010. Its central idea is to create routes and points of interest in the traditional settlement of Marpissa. “Routes in Marpissa” is known in Greece and abroad for its authentic and artistic style, highlighting Marpissa as a cultural destination and showcasing the coexistence of tradition with modern lifestyle, creating a new model of development for the island.


​His involvement in Cyclades Drawing Center started when he joined the team as photographer of the “Negroponte Mansion”, participating also in the documentation of the initiative.


He is a member of Syros Photography Club and has taken part in several exhibitions and seminars. Since 2018 he is attending a seminar group of art history.

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