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Be a part of our endeavor to save an emblematic Neoclassical jewel, and establish an exceptional pole of contemporary creativity.

This nonprofit - high impact for the preservation of Greece's cultural heritage endeavor, relies on the support of all who want to share the vision of salvaging and paying tribute to an exceptional historic example of urban residential architecture, so as to create a unique cultural landmark for the island of Syros.

The Cyclades Drawing Center will be the only not for profit entity solely devoted to the practice of drawing in Greece, creating a resource to study works on paper, their history, and methodology.


It will provide a number of services to the community, including lectures, internships, workshops, and classes, as well as hands-on experience to students of the Department of Product and System Design Engineering of the University of the Aegean and a wide range of Academic Institutions from Greece and abroad. 


As a continuous cultural resource for the inhabitants and visitors of Syros, the Center will fulfill both scholarly and social purposes deploying its own activities while connecting to other initiatives that take place on the island.

Due to the need for urgent repair,  local crews with significant experience in preserving such buildings have already taken temporary measures to protect the structure from water ingress and to support the frescoes.

At the same time, the technical team using state of the art equipment has completed the 3D scanning of the building, for its detailed capture and geometric documentation. 

Still a lot more need to follow.


      "Support our devoted effort to remake the new with the             old & connect the past with the future"


The upcoming restoration stages needing your support are:

Phase A 

  • Structural Sufficiency Study

  • Architectural Study

  • Electromechanical Study

  • Frescoes and Murals Restoration and Conservation Study

Phase B 

  • Includes the structural works that are required to ensure the building’s static condition along with the necessary actions that will ensure health and safety for both employees and visitors. The structural works include the roof’s restoration plus the repairing of the staircase, the balcony, the ceilings, the frames etc.

  • Additionally, the work plan includes all the necessary metalwork, woodwork, marble work, plumbing and electrical installation, air conditioning installation, as well as the restoration of the mansion’s facades and their architectural details.

  • An important aspect of the restoration will be the installation of ramps to the ground floor and the necessary equipment that will provide access to the first floor to people with mobility difficulties.

The abovementioned studies and works will be implemented with respect to the building's historical presence, under the approval and supervision of the Ministry of Culture.

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